Friday, April 22, 2011

What's In A Name?

For our second anniversary, the hubs and I decided to take a trip to the beautiful South Carolina Low Country. Even though we have both been to the Low Country a countless number of times (the hubs even lived there for a bit), we decided to spend our Spring Break/Anniversary Celebration there to learn all about the history of this part of our wonderful state.

Being a teacher of SC History, I was very excited to take a trip that I could share with the students in my classroom for years to come. We visited many historical sites, including Fort Sumter, historic downtown Charleston, Parris Island, Hunting Island State Park, the Vierdier House, and many more. We also ate ourselves absolutely silly while sampling an array of different Low Country cuisine. Oh my gosh, I looooove Low Country Boil!!!

To document all of the fun places we visited along the way, we decided to find items that resembled letters so we could make a collage of letters to spell our last name. I wish I could claim the creativity for this idea, but someone else beat me to it. This idea was inspired by a print I drooled over at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago while shopping with my sis. This being a celebration of our 2nd anniversary, I thought this would be a creative way to remember the trip instead of simply standing beside monuments and taking pictures of each other. Boooorring!

I also have an idea lurking around in my head to create a gallery wall in the entry way of our house to display artifacts from trips, photos, and the kids' artwork. Check out the gallery wall created by the writers of Young House Love (the hubby can thank them for my glorious plans)!

So, without further ado, here are some of the pictures we snapped around Beaufort and Charleston to remember our trip with letters...

This "S" was on a gate to the entrance of a garden attached to a house on Rainbow Row in Charleston.

This "U" was found while relaxing at one of our favorite places in Beaufort, Waterfront Park.

Both the "L" and "N" where created using nature on the beach of Hunting Island State Park.

This was a roof peak on a historical home in downtown Beaufort for the letter "A". I used a different "A" in the collage because the background was too much of a contrast. I still love it though.

This "A" was found near one the best Brownie Sundaes I have ever sunk my teeth into in downtown Beaufort. Oh my gosh, I nearly had to find someone elses grandma to smack it was soooo good!

This "I" is from a front porch overlooking Waterfront Park.

This is my favorite!!! The "V" was taken right from a palm tree found in the park. I absolutely love coastal plants and trees. Our backyard will one day reflect that!

This "L" was on a sidewalk in downtown Beaufort. We learned that a lot of the brick work that is seen in the Low Country dates back to before the Civil War.

I couldn't wait to get home and edit each photo so I could see my vision come together. I can't even express the LURVE I have for the finished collage. I changed my whole blog's appearance so it could be displayed as my blog's banner. That should tell ya something!!!

Now, I am on a mission to get a frame to display it on the future gallery wall. Can't wait to get that one started very soon!!!


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