Sunday, April 17, 2011

Treat for a Teacher to say it has been a while would be an understatement. Who knew that this teaching gig could get so hectic, and leave time for absolutely no blogging or decorating for that matter? Well, I hope to get back on the blog trail and reenter that big bloggy, bloggy world out there. goes!

During this school year, I had the privilege of mentoring a student teacher from the good ol' USC-Upstate. GAME! COCKS! (Sorry, I couldn't resist). She was with me for a few months and learned A LOT about the world of teaching. Soooooo, at the end of her journey, I decided to make her a little decor for her future classroom.

The idea crept its way into my head in Dollar Tree as I was prowling around looking for some fun Easter decor. I am walking around looking for treasures, when BAM, it hit me! I could make a school supply wreath with a chalkboard to display a teacher's name or welcome message. Woot...Woot...I still got it!!!

Here is what I started with... hubby and one pine wood derby car later, and the top to my spray paint has disappeared.
I had most of the supplies at home, so I ended up spending $5 on the wreath, a pair of scissors, a piece of wood, and a roll of polka dot ribbon. Yeayah!

I plugged in my handy, dandy glue gun and went to town.

I painted the wooden plaque with chalkboard spray paint (LURVE). Then, I glued some ribbon to the back and threaded it through the top of the wreath to hang. I added a bow on the side for some cutesy points, and VOILA!

I can't wait to make one for myself. I absolutely love it, and I am convinced it would look perfect hanging on my classroom door!



I love it and I'm glad to see you attacking new projects, can't wait to see what projects will come out this summer . I have a long list already:-)

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