Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank You Mother Nature

I love spring...for the most part...the allergies that come with it, not so much. I love spring for many reasons:

1. It brings with it the warm weather that I long for throughout the winter months. (I do NOT love winter!)
2. Everything turns colorful again. The lovely flowers in our yard start to bloom, and it just makes me happy.
3. Flip flops...oh my gosh...I LOVE Flip Flops and would wear them every single day of my life if given the chance.
4. Spring Break!
5. My Wedding Anniversary which is always celebrated on #4.
6. Longer days...yay for Daylight Savings
7. Grilling Out
8. And the best for last....knowing that summer is coming and in teacher world that means...SUMMER BREAK!!!!!

So let's get on with this post shall we...

When the hubby and I arrived home from our vacation from the Low Country we drove into a yard that was about to bloom with beautiful flowers. I was so, so excited because that means that the lovely peonies that are planted in our side yard were going to decorate our yard and our house. For FREE!!! Thank you previous homeowners. Shout out to ya!

I have been waiting for a week for a few of these babies to bloom so I could bring some in the house. Today was the day.

Oh my gosh....B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

Snip, snip went the scissors and those flowers were coming in the house with me. I only made a small arrangement today because there weren't many that were ready yet. Maybe if I was a little more patient the arrangement would have been more grandiose.!

Now they sit so pretty on my entry way table. Spring has officially been invited in!!!

What do you love about spring?


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