Friday, July 23, 2010

Get Inspired

A few months ago I was at Kirkland's (one of my fav stores EVER) with my Mom. We were on the "first walk through" of the store. You must do atleast two walk throughs to make sure you don't miss anything on the first one! So anyway, I was looking through the pictures that were on sale, and I came across the cutest picture for the Laundry Room. I immediately started to picture it in my Laundry Room, and a vision came together. My Laundry Room was BORING, and maybe this wonderful wall art would make doing the laundry a little more tolerable. Well, probably not, but that's what I told myself.

So, you are thinking I picked it up, paid for it, and that was that? Not so much. I told my Mom that we would keep looking around, and if I still wanted it on the second walk through, I would buy it. So, we came back around (arms full) on the second trip, and it was G.O.N.E. Geez... What was I going to do? I now had this vision of a cranberry red Laundry Room with some zebra print, but no picture that inspired it all. So, I asked the salesperson if they had anymore. Of course not.
I sadly paid for my other treasures and walked out of the store with a frown on my face. JUST KIDDING!!! My Mom walked back over to where the pictures were and there it sat, pretty as a picture. WooooHoooo!!! It was coming home with ME. I don't know if it had something to do with me maybe mentioning to the cashier that I would probably put up a fight for this picture, but it reappeared.

Here is what all the fuss was about:

The matting gave me the idea to paint the room cranberry red. This has yet to happen, but it will very soon. I thought it would look great with some black shelves and zebra print.

I had a plan! A few days later, I was walking around Ross and I found these baskets.

I cut up some paint samples (the color I want to paint the room), and tied them on with zebra ribbon to label the baskets' contents.

Then, I remembered I had this one.

Nothing a little black spray paint couldn't fix. (I really need to fix the fabric...sorry.)

But, my shelves were white in the Laundry Room. What to do? Black spray paint...duh!

A few weeks later, the hubby and I were getting the house we own in Anderson ready to go on the market, and I found this cart we left there. It was spray paint. I found the trashcan at Goodwill. It was a planter, but I painted it and voila!

This is what I have so far.

I can't wait to get some paint on the walls, and put a few final touches on it. The vision is definitely coming together. As far as having more fun doing the laundry...not the case.

Have you ever been inspired by an accessory?



My favorite thing about your laundry room is your toilet paper stacked and lined up!! I love an organized girl!!

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