Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello Blogland....

While sitting at home this summer reading my favorite decorating blogs (more on those later) I decided to

dive in and start my own blog. I am a teacher, so this sitting around thing only happens every nine and a half

months. I am sure my husband is ready to get me a second job because everyday he comes home I have

changed something in our house. I get so B.O.R.E.D! I find myself standing in a room

thinking...hmmmmm...the whole office needs a revamp...I think that's what I'll do today. Except, a revamp

doesn't really mean rearranging furniture, in my crazy brain it means: move light fixtures, paint light fixtures,

paint the room, move all the furniture, add a new piece of furniture, paint the lamp, get a new lampshade,

scope out the Goodwill for accessories that can be transformed too. Oh geez...these ideas I get in my head. I am! Ready to share my ideas and document all of my changes in our home (how major

or minor they may become) on this little space I like to call Creative Carolina Charm. I hope that my

transformations and projects will give atleast one other person a creative boost. Maybe I will help another

B.O.R.E.D teacher scope out a thrift store and transform a tacky piece intoterrific piece.

What better way to kick off this whole blog thing than to share a project I decided to tackle this past week.

First, I have to tell you how this idea came about and give props. One of my favorite blogs to read

in all of blogland is Thrifty Decor Chick. I fell in love with this blog a while back and have since learned to be a

thrifty decorator using a little creativity. So this first project was definitely inspired by "Thrifty" after seeing

how she used a can of glorious ORB spray paint to paint a light fixture.

Enter first project here...

The Case of the Hideous Chandelier when we moved into our new house in August of 2009, there were some definite cosmetic changes that
had to be made. The first was the mustard colored walls that took over most of the 2700 square feet of our

home. was awful, awful, awful. That got fixed RIGHT AWAY. However, one thing that I kept saying

needed a fix was the UGLY chandelier in the dining room, which is now an office. Well, here it is July 2010 and

said chandelier was still hanging in the office, ugh. Something had to be done.

Picture from: Oops! I craft my pants b/c I didn't take a before.

So with the hubby's help, I got to work. The chandelier was taken down from the office. I sang a little song! The

ORB came out of the paint cabinet, and I went to town. Wooooohooooo!!!! Then, I started looking for some

lamp shades and found that they were going to cost more than a new fixture...WHAT??? I was NOT okay with

that. I was I visited the Goodwill, and what did I see after three seconds of walking in the door?

The exact shades I wanted...enter angels singing here! So I bought them for 50 cents each. Then, I went to

Walmart, spent two dollars on some ribbon, and this is what I came up with...

Dear kitchen table,

You are next!!!!




Oh I love it!!!!!!! The chandelier looks beautiful! The little lamp shades look wonderful! I excited to follow your blog! Ok so when are we headed to the next thrift???


I can put the air on in your area if you are working in your room. Sorry I did not think about it when you were down there! OOPS!


Your classroom looks great!

Leah @Creative Carolina Charm

Thank you! No biggie about the air. I burned some extra calories!

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