Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Transformation Tuesday #1

I thought I would dedicate Tuesdays to transformations. One of my favorite things to do around our house is take something outdated, or just plain ol' U.G.L.Y. and make it FABULOUS! So, for the first Transformation Tuesday, I decided to makeover a lamp that has been in my bedroom for a loooonnnnngggg time. I am not talking since we moved in the new house a year ago, but it has followed for the last three places I have lived. I can't believe it has survived so long because I tire of things easily. she is...
I have held onto this lamp forever because its look can be changed quite painlessly. It serves as an easel, so the plate can be changed to suit any space. It was working in the new bedroom because I found this palm tree plate. Well, why did I want to change it? It was cramping my style. I am OVER the plate!!! Plus, I stumbled upon another makeover lamp at the Goodwill to put where this one was (I will share that one soon).

As I was wandering around innocently in the glorious Kirklands this past Saturday there was this zebra print lampshade calling my name. It was luurve at first sight! There was a problem, however, I couldn't just buy the shade. It came with a lamp, and I was not prepared to spend $20 on a lamp and shade, when all I needed was the shade. Ugh...

So, I put my thinking cap on and went to Ross. I think best during retail therapy! :) I had spotted some zebra print plates there a while back, and I thought maybe I could use one with the lamp. Much to my dismay, they were all gone. This forced me to start thinking "outside of the box". I tell my students that ALL THE TIME. I really should practice what I teach!

I kept looking and all of a sudden, it HIT me. I saw chalkboard making, black spray paint, zebra print fabric, and some ribbon in my future.

I headed to Walmart and picked up a few things.

I made a chalkboard out of a $3 frame and some Chalkboard spray paint (I keep this on hand). Making the chalkboard is easy squeezy. I just take out the glass, paint it, pop it back in, and voila!

I painted the lamp with gloss, black spray paint for $1.

The lampshade was a bit more challenging. I bought the fabric for $1 and the ribbon for $2. I found a how to article here. I used Tacky Glue to adhere the fabric to the old shade, and then I simply tied a bow with some black ribbon for a finishing touch.

I am so in love with this lamp! I LOVE LAMP! It looks cauute in my Laundry Room. This is so much better than just changing out the plate. Thinking out of the box really does make a difference. Who knew? The best part is, the pricetag. Instead of spending $20 on a new lamp, I spent $7!

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Definitely Cute!

girly mamma

What a sweet idea! I ran across your blog from the link party on TDChick. I am attempting to start my own blog... lol, but super intimidated! Best of wishes to you and your blog! You seem to be super creative! -Hollee

Alisa and Sky

Love this!! Super cute!!


Love the Anchorman shout out! LOL

Leah @Creative Carolina Charm

Thanks everyone! I am glad someone noticed my attempt at comedy (Anchorman)!

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