Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Office Space Minus A Red Stapler

You might have wondered how we, the Sullivans, are getting light in the office nowadays since I stole the light fixture and repurposed it for the kitchen. Well, it was as easy as a little switcharo. The fixture in the kitchen was not quite as hideous as the one in the office, but it was not far behind. I can't say that I am a brass kind of girl.
So, the hubby took that one down, and guess what? It made friends with the best thing since sliced bread, a can of ORB spray paint. Does anyone think it is a problem that I keep atleast two cans of it on backup incase the store stops carrying it?

Ahhhh...that's much better. It fits the space perfectly.

Who thinks I could stop there? Well, I know myself pretty well, and I am here to tell you that it didn't stop with the light.

Here is what the office looked like when we bought the house.

This is after some paint and furniture (work in progress).

I wasn't a big fan of the furniture arrangement because everything was just lining the walls. The idea for this room was for it to be a nice, cozy place to work and read, since there's a whole lot workin' and readin' going on here in the Sullivan household. Its purpose is to also display the hubby's Marine Corps accomplishments and display some of my accomplishments.

I desperately wanted a comfy chair for reading in this space, but the money was just not in the budget to get one...untiiiillllll....I FOUND ONE FOR $35! Bliss!!!! An oversized Lane recliner that matched the room perfectly. So what's a girl to do? Buy it of course! As usual, I called the hubby to pick it up with the truck and bring it home. I couldn't wait to get it in the room and rearrange for a cozier feel.

This is how the room looks post light fixture change. I am absolutely loving the new change, for now.

There are still a few changes I want to make, but that is going to involve some major power tools and maybe a red stapler! My poor husband. I guess we should have included in our vows..."from tearing down to building it back"...hehe.


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