Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Lonely Wedding Picture

Last Thursday, I went thrifting...Thrifty Thursday! A fellow thrifty shopper and I hit three Goodwills and a furniture consignment shop. Usually when I go on a thrifting spree, I just look for things I think I could use, repurpose, or just make purty. Not on this trip. I had a rhyme and reason! I was looking for a frame to put one of my favorite wedding pictures in.

This picture has needed a home for almost a year and a half now. I cannot express how much I love, love, love this picture. My favorite people having a great time! So, I loaded it up in the car with me and off to find a frame we went.

I found this frame at the second Goodwill we visited. I knew it would be perfect! I was looking for chunky, and this guy was chuunnkkkyy! I was not a fan of the lovely gold color, but that's no problem my best friend, ORB, couldn't fix. The picture is definitely not my taste either, but I knew I could make my own matting out of it. So, I proudly took it to the check out counter and paid $7.50. Woot! Woot!

I also found these lovelies during the trip. I knew I could use these somewhere in the Master Bedroom.

The gears started turning...DANGER...DANGER!!! I had a shelf at home that I found at a Salvation Army, and I thought it would look great under the picture. Adding some of the accessories I found and some shells I already had would complete the beachy feel.

This shell picture frame and jar cost me a whopping 50 cents each.

Here is how it turned out. Altogether, I only spent $13.50 on the WHOLE display, excluding the shells that I had left over from another bedroom project. Swoon!!!
I am so glad this picture isn't tucked away in a closet anymore, and I can enjoy it everyday.
P.S. My camera does not cooperate well with daylight, so the picture had to be taken from the side to prevent a glare.



Get ready we may be neighbors soon and you will be helping thrift my space:)

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