Saturday, August 7, 2010

True Love In a Spray Can

Have I mentioned lately how much I L.O.V.E. ORB spray paint? For those of you who aren't familiar with my best friend in a can, let me introduce you to Mr. Oil Rubbed Bronze by Krylon. O.M.G I love O.R.B.!!!

I thought I would share some items I have painted with my friend. It never gets old seeing something boring, outdated, or just down right U.G.L.Y. transformed with a few little sprays of a can. It has probably gotten out of hand around my house because I love the color so much, but I'm okay with it. My Dad thinks I am inhaling too many of the fumes and it has made me CRAZY. I am always telling him, "I can paint that"! Haha...maybe there is a problem.

Here are some of the things I have painted around my house. Just to show you that the possibilities are endless. I don't have befores of everything because I painted some of them before I started this here little blog.

Hang onto your hats!

I painted a few lamps...hehe...a few.

These were lamps I bought about seven years ago, they were brushed nickel.

This one was a Goodwill find. I paid $2 for the lamp, and I found a shade at Ross for $2.99!

I got these lovelies at a yard sale for $6. They used to a nice shade of gold...not anymore.

The hardware in the guest bath and master bath. They used to be brushed nickel.

A mirror for my vanity. A find out of Dad's attic.

The picture frames on shelves going up the staircase. Some of them were already black, so I just used some ORB to add interest.

Shelves I have found at various thrift stores. Sometimes they are white, sometimes they are brown, but they ALWAYS have to be painted!

The light fixtures. You can read more about how I did that here.

Maybe I do have a spray paint problem. People do crazy things when they are in love!


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